Guantanamo, Courts and Congress

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Guantanamo Coverage for Courthouse News Service

Guantanamo Parole Board Weighs Fate of Ship-Building Yemeni

Sympathy but No Court Win for Released Detainee

Against Slog of War Court, USS Cole Survivor Recalls Bombing’s Aftermath

D.C. Circuit Divided on Guantanamo Conviction

Lawyer Jailed to Compel Testimony at Guantanamo

Guantanamo Judge Issues Rare Witness Order

9/11 Families Vent Frustrations at Guantanamo Over Crawl to Trial

Surgery Scheduled for Sodomized Gitmo Prisoner

Prosecutors Want 9/11 Death Certificates Into Evidence

Feds Fight to Quell 9/11 Suspects’ Propaganda

9/11 Lawyer Demands Expert for Toxic Gitmo

Lawyer Says Gitmo Judge Helped Kill Evidence

Gitmo Judge Nixes 9/11 Suspect’s Bid for New Lawyer

Judge Puts Out ABP for Constitution at Gitmo

Gitmo Detainee’s Defense Question Myriad Aliases

Allegations of Sanctioned Evidence Destruction Ripple at Guantanamo

Accused Terrorist Brings New Name to Gitmo Hearing

Federal and Supreme Court Coverage for Courthouse News Service

Researcher Protests ‘Gag Order’ on Israeli Nukes

Appeals Court Grapples With Legality of Drones

Lawsuit Signals Infighting at Conservative Lobby Group

Pipeline Will Proceed Despite Tribal Protests

Tribe Takes Oil Pipeline Fight to DC Circuit

Experts Weigh Value of Islamic State Defector

Gender-Based Citizenship Rule Faces Scrutiny

Muslim Americans Pull Curtain on Watch List

Turkish Pilot Raises No-Fly List Challenge

High Court Divided at Texas Abortion Hearing

Supreme Court Appears Divided on Immigration Law

Agency Said to Stonewall on Trump D.C. Buffer Docs

D.C. Developers Accused of Pushing Out Poor

With Morgan Drexen Shuttered, Widow Takes on Lawyers

Congressional Coverage for Courthouse News Service

Trump’s Call With Taiwan Met With Applause by House Panel

GOP Undercuts Numbers on Law-Abiding Refugees

Republicans Push Ban on Cash Payments to Iran

Legal Experts Defend Big US Payment to Iran

Scholar Tells Senate of ISIL’s Parallel Religion

Homeland Security Grilled on Visa Overstays

Balance Aside, Experts Tout Vital Role Women Play in Peace Talks

Flint Crisis Spurs House to Act on Water Quality

Defense Pushes for More Nuclear Technology Funding

Integration Plan for G.I. Janes Befuddles Senate

Senate Seeks Biometric Tracking at Borders

Defense Secretary Warns Against Ground War

Alarming Words at House Hearing on Refugees

Prison Reform Meets Little Resistance in Senate Hearing

Airstrike Tragedy Holds Lesson for U.S., General Says

House, Senate Separately Tackle Crisis in Syria

Petraeus Addresses Congress on Campaign Against ISIL

Congress Looks at Anti-Islamic State Strategy